Whew! What a weekend. My family and I had a great time with Katye and her family. I drove down wednesday after I finished with youth week. (I lead worship out at Oak Mtn. for the last night of the event.) As I was exiting from 459 onto 20/59 I had a blow out and, surprise, my spare was flat too. Luckily my parents don’t live too far from there and my Dad was able to bring an air compressor and swap cars with me. My parents drove down friday morning and we were able to have lunch with everyone at Lenny’s. After Lunch we stopped by two different places that do catering in the area so that we could start thinking about the rehearsal dinner. One was a bar-b-que joint and the other was a seafood market. I think Mom wants to go with crawfish from the seafood place. Which is great because Katye loves crawfish. After looking at caterers we drove down to a venue prospect. We pretty much hit the jackpot. It is a very nice clubhouse on a lake. I think mom has pretty much nailed down most of what she sat out to get done this weekend. Friday night we all went out to eat at Crescent City Grill. It’s a pretty nice place. They have great cajun dishes. After dinner we went back to the Artmann’s to taste cake.  I don’t know if we have any decisions but, I know what I don’t want. French vanilla cake…yuck. Saturday we got up, loaded a sofa in my Dad’s truck for Katye, and fixed Mr. Tommy’s lawnmower. All in all it was a very successful weekend. On the way home we stopped to visit with my Mom’s parents in Livingston.

That’s pretty much it for now.

Peace and Love.



New obsession…

I am a little late jumping on the bandwagon but my sleeping habits have gotten a bit out of whack due to the summer. With that said. I have started watching Hulu. It’s pretty sweet. Although, I haven’t quite figured out to enjoy it to it’s full potential. If anyone has any tips, let me know. Lately I have been watching, and I’m sure I’ll regret publishing this, Glee. I was against this show to begin with…until i realized that it pretty accurately portrays my high school experience. Now, most of the characters are very exaggerated but for the most part the story line really isn’t that far off from illustrating the plight of the high school show choir. We loved music and performing and sometimes we were ridiculed because of it. That is, until people realized that we had talent. I do miss those days.

all for now

peace and love


insert witty title here

At the urging of my wonderful fiance, I have decided to update this thing and once again I will attempt to do this more frequently. Past attempts have come up very short. I have no excuse. There are too many things that are happening in my life that warrant me telling all 3 or 4 of you that take the time to read this. So many, in fact, that I struggle with deciding where to start. I guess we will go in chronological order.

✢ Wedding stuff ✢

I made a short post after returning from  Disney World about mine and Katye’s engagement. We are now four months in and in the thick of planning. At the end of this week my parents will be accompanying me to Hattiesburg to look at venues and catering for the rehearsal dinner. Pretty exciting stuff. Also, back in May we took some engagement photos. They were taken by our good friend Bradley Hodges. He will be shooting the wedding as well. If you are interested in seeing the pictures you should check out his facebook or website. Just do a google search for Bradley Hodges Photography. I’m too lazy to post a link. In other wedding news, we have a hotel and flights booked for our honeymoon on Oahu. I really can’t wait to get there. I will try to post more as things pertaining to the wedding come up.

✢ Unky JT✢

That’s right. I am going to be an uncle. My sister and her husband are having a baby girl. I couldn’t be happier. I have to admit, though, it is still really weird that my BABY sister is having a BABY. I am so very proud of her. She has done really well with being pregnant and so far everything is going as it should. I will say this. Everyone who knows me knows that I love children. Amy being pregnant is going to make it harder for me and Katye to wait once we are married.

✢ Schoolin’✢

I start my last semester as an undergrad at the end of August. Graduation can’t come soon enough. I am really close to graduating with honors and if i do it would ensure that I get into a good grad school. I really need this semester to fly by.

I guess that will do it for now.

Peace and Love


Hi Ho Cherrio…

Life is nuts right now. So many things have happened since i last posted. Somethings I’ll share, others I won’t. the main two things that i want to share with you are the disney trip and my engagement to the most wonderful person in the world. We are very excited to be starting a new chapter in our life. The date is set for May 28th of next year.

Disney was so awesome. I definitely suggest going as soon and as often as you can. It was the best spring break I have ever had. Thanks Mrs. Paula!

I feel like I should have included more detail about both events but I am just not really that into it.


Taking the cheese to the Mouse.

There are only nine days left until spring break and only ten days until I will be in Disney World. Excited? You’re darn tootin’. I get really excited about trips and vacations. So much so that I end up getting really impatient/testy when I have to wait longer than I want to. I just can’t even imagine how awesome it is going to be. I have only been to Disney one other time. I was eight. There are so many new things there. I just don’t know what I am going to do with myself. I found myself making an itinerary yesterday. Yes, I made an itinerary. No harm in being prepared. I don’t wan to miss out on thing. I am so thankful that Katye’s mom included me in their trip

Ok, getting to excited…must…go.

Peace and Love


I’ve come to a point where I don’t really know what I want to do with this thing anymore. Technically i could write every week. However, I don’t always feel like writing. I think I have decided to update with at least something every wednesday. If I don’t feel like writing, I will probably just post a video or something else funny. You know, to lighten everyones day. So this is legit try at doing a weekly blog…take one.


I’m not really sure how often Katye reads this but…whatever. I’m going to write about her anyway. Tomorrow we’ll have been together for 21 months. For those of you who have been in longer relationships, Kudos.  I just want to say how completely an utterly in Love I am with Katye. She is the most selfless, kind, wonderful, beautiful, caring, funny, smart, and altogether most lovely woman I have ever had the privilege of knowing. She has shown me things that I could have never expected to know by myself. I don’t really believe in soul mates. I think you find someone that you Love enough to just make it work, day in and day out. She is my best friend and my muse. I Love Her.